Stefano Pesapane : Chasing the drum !

What does it take to chase your dream ? Passion, dedication, time, international influences and the strong desire to escape miles away …

What’s the common features between a kid and an experienced drummer ? Passion and dedication. This is what Stefano Pesapane has always been about and this is what led him to be #1 on the Reverbnation indie chart of the Netherlands with his album “Miles Away”, released on the most popular online stores in May 2019. Stefano Pesapane started drumming at the age of 8 in the south of Italy. Self-taught, he was already playing in nigthclubs at the age of 16. 

Right after getting former schooling in music at St. Louis Music School of Rome and the Certificate of Completion issued by the Berklee College of Music, Stefano Pesapane spent 2 years playing across the Mediterranean sea (Italy, Morocco, Greece) with his first band “The Nightworkers”. This first international experience fed him with multiple influences. Since travelling and discovering new horizons have always been a true moto for him, you’ll find shades of his travels and influences in the various productions of his album “Miles Away”. 

Right after touring across the Mediterranean, he came to back to Italy in the late 1980’s where he got called to join the Rocky Roberts Orchestra which was touring across Italy from 1987 to 1989. This how Stefano Pesapane got known in his country and called to play with bandleaders such as Sonny Costanzo, Tony Scott and many others. 1999 was a special year him for him : after 10 years of drumming across Italy, he decided to change his perspectives and move to the Netherlands where he discovered a whole new landscape. 

In Amsterdam, Stefano Pesapane started from scratch : playing with local band and musicians, he caught every occasions to to live performances and tie with the local scene. This journey got him thinking about getting from live performances to studio recording and producing. After years of drumming for various bands, Stefano Pesapane wanted to produce music on his own, fulfilling his own inspirations and influences. He started producing music few years ago with the very same recipe that led him to play across Europe : passion and dedication. 

The aim was to produce tracks for himself to play along and he ended up with nine tracks for his first album ‘Miles Away’, where travelling is one of the key theme among other influences and background. In fact, during his career as drummer Stefano went through all the most popular styles of music and his album goes through his favorite ones, there's is a bit of Jazz, R&B, Latin and Funk going on through the tracks but they never lose that tasteful approach that reminds to certain songs of Steely Dan and the last Miles Davis. 

‘Miles Away’ came from all this background : passion, dedication, international influences and above all, the fierce desire to espace from the daily routine. When we ask Stefano to detail the background behind his album, he underlines the balance between his experience as a musician and the daily routine he want to fight : 

“For a couple of reasons, I was inspired by the latest Miles Davis sound when I wrote down the track that gives the title to the album. The other main one is about being Miles Away from the daily routine and in my particular case it means miles away from my deskjob, traffic jams on the highway and so on.. Music is an up and down thing, so I currently have a deskjob with the aim to be able to pay my bills with playing drums and producing music. I'm currently working on new projects so stay tuned. "

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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