Pipo’s Music Has Been Gaining Some Serious Attention Within the Music Industry

Pipo (Filippo Gabella), currently living in Los Angeles, California  is a 21-year-old  Pop singer and songwriter who composes in English and Spanish,. This driven and self-taught musician produces the sort of music that captures the heart of his listeners, and for that reason, Pipo’s music has been gaining some serious attention within the music industry. Honing his production skills over the years, this multi-instrumentalist has been releasing songs of high quality and depth at an impressive rate. From the shoe boxes he once used as makeshift-drums back when he was eight, to the Pearl Drums he uses now, music has been a serious focus in Pipo’s life since childhood, and that passion shines right through in how professionally he approaches his craft.

Once performing for his classmates in the elementary school talent show, Pipo has broadened his horizons by playing to both audiences in his hometown of Los Angeles, all the way to those in Chile.

At the age of sixteen, Pipo launched his first debut EP, “We the Pipo”. Released in December 2015, this EP included the single “She Calls”, and Pipo’s breakout song “Battle”, as well as the fan favorite track “How to Love”. While “We the Pipo” gives fans a taste of his upbeat and catchy pop production skills, he continually writes and records music that reflects his diverse interest in multiple genres of sound. These various influences are displayed in songs such as his romantic single “Take My Hand” (December 2016), followed by the electrifying song “On Me” (March 2016), and “What You Need” (June 2017), a song which has quickly grown in popularity.

Soon after the release of “What You Need”, Pipo launched “Favorite Place” and  his first Spanish single: “Nadie Te Quiere Como Yo” in July 2017. With over 100k views on twitter, it was made clear that Pipo’s bilingual-abilities would be a welcome addition to a music industry constantly searching for something new to listen to. In addition to Pipo’s passion for world unity in hopes to make the world closer to one,  he wrote  “We Are One”  (August  2018) and “When We Mambo” (October 2018) .  Just recently Pipo performed at the “Miss Asia International Beauty Pageant where the song “Flawless”  was featured. He wrote the song “Flawless” knowing that we all have faults.  But in life that is alright because we are not perfect. Some of Pipo music has been featured in commercials  and  in TAXI one of the world’s leading independent A&R Company which represents independent Songwriters, Artists, and Composers get their music to Record Labels, Film & TV Music, and many other outlets.

Today, Pipo is currently in the studio working to release his E.P titled “To Fresh”, shooting a new music videos, and scheduling   live performances in Chile as well as in the U.S..

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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