Jessica Jenks A Unique and Eclectic, Inspiration-Influenced Alternative/Indie Electronic EDM

Jessica Jenks, born August 29, 1978, was raised in upstate New York by two hard-working entrepreneurs. Jessica grew roots in the rolling valleys of Argyle, NY in a small agricultural community and graduated high school with just 63 classmates. From a young age she took a strong interest in piano and spent much of her time daydreaming, writing songs, poetry, listening closely to classical and popular music around her and found her true passion was to create music set to melodic words. For the first 11 years of her life, receiving no formal training, she would pick apart songs on her little Casio keyboard whether it be a snippet of a classical piece from a coffee commercial or a pop song on Casey Kasem’s Top 40. 

She could be heard humming or belting tunes whenever the urge struck. Beginning formal piano training at the age of 11, she transformed to a classically trained pianist & vocalist, and later a self-taught drummer, performer, beat designer and composer. Jessica spent her teen years developing her craft, often running to her piano in the basement where she would play, compose and sing for hours after school or late into the night hoping to write the next big song and end up on the radio or writing film music one day. Today, Jessica is a solo-performer, singer-songwriter and composer of alternative/indie electronic and eclectic EDM for film/tv. Jessica is also co-founder of the band “owls in orbit” and enjoys international popularity playing collaborations and mixes of songs written by each member of the duo with her bandmate, Marc Clayton (SESAC). 

On SoundCloud, her most active page, Jessica recently attained a very large follower base and this past week alone had 16,045 plays, as well as 148 followers on Facebook, is #1 on Reverb Nation’s EDM charts with 670 super fans, and was recently placed on their “Chart-Topping Alternative Artists" playlist. She has been featured on radio stations around the world with interviews and airplay and is a member of BMI. She is now working with production and licensing companies in the industry getting music placed in popular network television shows.
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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