Introducing Soul Howe of Soul Howe Music

Born Jason Ensley Howe, on the Winter Solstice December 21st 1976. The Soul R&b Musician/Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter known as Soul Howe of Soul Howe Music, gives  us a brief yet candid look into some of the events of his life, Including some of those events leading up to the inception of being "Halifax's Soul Howe"!

Long before this particular Artist was lighting up stages and venues through out Halifax;  with soulful performances, Soul Howe was a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces. As a navy cook, Soul traveled the world and back while in service. This artist has created his own songs from his own life experiences; defined by his very own imagination. With two foreign going tours (Op Apollo Roto 2, 2002 / Op Unison 2005) under his belt, soon after eight plus years of service; Soul Howe made a life altering decision to no longer study the art of war and humanitarian relief, only to pursue a career in music!

Soul explained to us how this was a very difficult decision on his behalf,but ultimately this decision gave birth to a happier a more content self and being. Soul went on to say that "The study of music has given me more hope and growth; more than the study of war! Hope for the future; and growth within harmony and melody!"

Soul Howe is now a seven time award winner from A&R Records, Via BEAT100 Awards ranging from gold, silver,bronze i.e. video of the day, best high quality video production, song of the day,best original song, song writing. When we asked Soul Howe of his accomplishments, he replied simply that.."I was never into music or this industry for Facebook likes and trophies; I do music simply to express myself; as this is more beneficial for my very own mental health! I do music so that even for 3:33 seconds at a time, I can create a place and make the world go away! Time then, is much closer to an interval of my liking! I do this because my heart craves this feeling! My soul won't let me not!"

Besides being a very soulful, often times spiritual singer/songwriter, Soul Howe can also be witnessed acting in some on screen works such as "Haven", "Bag Of Bones" , also"Cavendish" and "Pure". (C.B.C. Television, Superstation, BRAVO, ShowCase Television). Soul Howe was recently featured in "Screw The Naysayers". A global podcast via Tim Allison. This podcast is a very interesting listen and helps to shed light on some social, economical issues faced by our youth today. Soul provides insight on what it was like to grow up in Halifax, Nova Scotia! This podcast also gave great recommendations for those whom aspire to be entrepreneurs as well!

We have also learned that Soul Howe is very active in and around his own community, often associating his live performances and craft with charities and variable community initiatives. We were curious to know of Soul Howe's motivations regarding this, and when asked, Soul then said... "To have a cause; makes us bigger than we really are! Makes us better! To align ourselves with the unfortunate, misfortunate and/or under privileged; and give our very own God given gift,... that is a blessing for all involved! We can take situations/things, that may be in less favorable position(s), and make it all positive!"

Recently we have just publicly congratulated Mr. Soul Howe on becoming #1 in Canada, Soul R&b (according to Reverbnation). Soul Howe once again represents Canada! We thought thus to be very fitting! When asked,.. Soul commented! "It was us, all the likes, all the clicks, all the shares, all the plays, downloads;.....they added up! Because of Soul Howe Music friends, family and fans,......we are #1! n' Together,.. we will be #1 in the world! Thank you Reverbnation! Thank you everyone for your love!"  

Soul Howe Music has recently released "On Tha Low" . In association w/ German Producer BYRD/ Terry Mosher of Mediaworks Inc. Soul Howe Featuring Cher Nick. This track can be streamed/downloaded from multiple major platforms. It was told to us that Soul Howe has at least 8-10 tracks yet to follow "On Tha Low", in which we gathered means, Soul Howe Music will remain at the top of the charts for sometime yet to come!

After just a few short conversations with this particular artist, we can see and feel how this man got his artist name. We found him to be very passionate in regards to his craft, and his very own vision for applying his gift and art to everyone's life! In closing, Soul Howe was asked whats next; he replied with a vague description..."What is next is now already happening, but most of us won't know until a later date! (Smiling) what is happening now,.. is next! This art can be much like an iceburg! Nine/Tenths lay beneath the surface! The one Tenth that peaks out the top,..that is presentation! I can only say at this time that our next release will be "A Simple Cause"! God willing very soon!"

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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