Big dream of rapper Keto No Meigo

The name keto no meigo is  more then just a name . Its the transition of life from beginning to end . Life to death. A voice that truly speaks for the people . Originally from Bainbridge GA but resides in Dothan, AL. Growing up seen a lot in  the world, different states different continents, different people in poverty. Seen many different aspects of life. Music came to him young at 6 to be exact with singing songs off radio to freestyling  to actually writing music. He guess its a passion of him, with the art and the culture. He stated ,"As wonderful as it all sounds i didn't get serious with it till Feb 12 2017 with the passing of my children mother and the motivation of family and friends and the woman i'm with now. Then it all came to me while we live here in this world why not live for something  more. If we got to die why not do something to be remembered. With every birth its a purpose. I love everything about music.

For me its a way of communicating with out communication  not realizing who you might touch. Always thought sports was it for me but to my surprise it wasn't. Growing up as a football and basketball star. Just like any other kid  hoping i make it pro but reality hit for me and i took another course.To anybody in this world cant run from what is destined to happen. Now as a adult with kids i wanna leave more of a legacy for them something they can be proud of as well as me.even if i can change a life with my music i'm ok as time goes on i only hope to grow with my music and my fans. If what i say gets out i hope Allen Iverson gets a chance to i'm thankful for the time he gave me and showed me how to give back from a major level."

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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