Now in our 6th year, Lifoti Music Awards is a global community of indie Artists, industry Influencers and engaged Fans.

We celebrate independent musicians, producers, labels, videographers and visual artists who follow their muse rather than metrics. And connect them to new audiences and opportunities.

Lifoti honors for excellence are awarded to self-released and indie label projects –  in all styles and mediums.


Brett Cameron - It Comes in Waves & When It's Here I'll Know

Chris Ayer - Endless Wonder

Jake La Botz - They're Coming For Me

Daniel Crabtree - The Storyteller in Me

Frank Bey - All My Dues Are Paid

David Chesky - España -Winner

Michael B Ware - The Ride of Your Life
Monica Pasqual - You Can't Kill Light

Samara Jade - Wave of Birdsong

Anna Rose - The Light Between -Winner

Rozina Pátkai - Taladim

Sandra Stadler - Der Bär in Mir

Delia Fischer - Tempo Mínimo

Monica Williams - Within Us All
Christian Heath - Here I Am

Jay Saint - ExCommitted

Lenny Harold - Cosmic

Rozina Pátkai - Taladim

D1C3 - White Noise

Eastern Sunz - Fuel for a Fool's Errand

John-Paul “Jp” Jones - Broke In Bridge City -Winner
SplytSecond - The SplytRugga Mixtape -Winner

TJA - Meeting of the Minds, Pt. 1

Aaron Nigel Smith - In Our America

Gotaflika - Go Up

Jim the Boss - Dub in HiFi

Moron Police - A Boat on the Sea

Voyager - Colours in the Sun
Jeremy McEwen - Cardboard Horses

Diego Ramirez - Sketches of México

Edie Daponte - Under Paris Skies

Little Kruta - Justice

Graeme Drum - Eclectic X -Winner

Moron Police - A Boat on the Sea

Mao Ya - Moon over City Ruins
Masoud Rezaei - Until

Lachi - Money

Milana Zilnik - Nature Boy

Jake Morley - No Drama

Martin Zarzar - To Dream in Color -Winner

BELLSAINT - Can't Stop a Woman

Neshama Carlebach - Believe
Brick Fields - Soul of a Woman

Cash McCall - One Who's Got a Lot

David Whitman - Shuffle Blues

Joe Flip - Mess Around

The Muddy Basin Ramblers - Dharma Train

BELLSAINT - Can't Stop a Woman -Winner

Neshama Carlebach - Believe
Poor Horse - Crookhollow and Variations

Richard Peña - Synergy

Pascal Le Boeuf - Media Control

Petros Klampanis - Easy Come Easy Go

Christopher Nielsen - Landscapes -Winner

Whitten - How to Speak to Giants

John Kamfonas - Unbound: Preludes I
David Whitman - With Love

Gabriel Chakarji - Enredadera

Harmonious Wail - Move -Winner

Petros Klampanis - Easy Come Easy Go

Alexis Babini - Just After Sundown

Juana Luna - Vou

Loryn Taggart - In My Company
FLAVIA - Expectations

Kayla Stockert - Where Did You Go

Martene Clayton - Should've Been

Nick de la Hoyde - Animals -Winner

SIKORA - Wanderlust

High Key - Ain't Cool No More

The Inoculated Canaries - Donna
222Unique - Flex on Em

Deshawn White - Dance Party

Eastern Sunz - Like This

Gold Lemonade - How You Feel

SplytSecond - Blow You Away

TJA - Meeting of the Minds, Pt. 1

Gold Lemonade - School of Hard Drops -Winner