Scott & Sabrina release classic Country sounding duet 'Home (Duet Version)'

By Melissa Ryan 

Scott & Sabrina are a modern Country duo from Northern Arizona with outstanding vocals and soulful harmonies that take the listener on a journey.

Northern Arizona based duo Scott & Sabrina is back with their brand new single “Home”. The soulful voice of Scott & Sabrina and heart-touching lyrics create a beautiful love vibe. When you have music as the answer of all problems, then why not listen to this a beautiful ballad of love! It is great way to the soul and calm our minds. Scott & Sabrina's vocals are incredibly distinctive, and their effects are amazing as well in this song, From the beat to the vocal lines, everything is balanced and perfectly at tuned to the vibe of the song. The lyrics are incredibly personal and romantic, talking about love, foundation, and family. 

Scott & Sabrina has the ability to reach deep into the soul of the listeners with this one, myself included! Not many artists are able to create such a deep connection with their audience, but it seems that this is always quite an easy task for Scott & Sabrina, who always knows what to say with their music, and more importantly, how to say it and make the most out of every melody, every note, and every beat.

Scott & Sabrina blend their influences into a musical melting pot of Country, Americana, Soft Rock, and Pop to create their own take on modern music.

They currently have a over 12,000 combined followers on social media and have been featured in Roots Music Magazine, RiverScene Magazine, Havasu Living Magazine, and Nashville Music Guide.  Their latest single is a beautiful song titled, "Home."  The lyrics are romantic and touching and the melodies are memorable.  

If you're a fan of Lady A, Little Big Town, and Thompson Square, then you have found your new favorite duo!  The energy they generate on stage is a unique alchemy, a true experience for the viewer who can feel that something special vibrates wherever these two share their voices and souls.  I highly encourage you to check out "Home" on Spotify today and you may just see the future of Country music.  Yes, they're that good.

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Check out "Home" by Scott & Sabrina and don't forget to add it to your playlist, as it is available on all major audio streaming platforms.

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