Russ Drops Another One With "When This Was All New"

 Russ gets into his melancholic eighties bag on "When This Was New."  

Love him or hate him, Russ has built himself up into a genuine success story. No stranger to performing his vast catalog to thousands upon thousands of adoring fans, Russ has once again delivered a new addition to his repertoire. This time, he's tapping into his melancholic eighties bag with "When This Was New," a vibey new drop that paints a bittersweet picture of fading passion. 

Though it's not quite so heavy on the bars as some of his material, Russ makes sure to keep himself sharp with a slick verse -- though in reality, it's the melodic sections that steal the show, effectively capturing his inner conflict. Fans of the once-declared Soundcloud King will likely vibe with "When This Was New," and who knows -- perhaps it might even signal a new style for the versatile artist.  

Quotable Lyrics  

Here I go, tryna do the most  
Emotional damage, the bandaid's a boat  
or a Ghost  
Yeah, I know that our problems are  
deeper than that  
But you fucked up too though, I ease to  
the back  
Just to peep where you at, let me see  
how you act

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