Out Now the LIFOTI July 2021 Exclusively Released Issue 15

We all feel the essence of being human, including hopes and fears, especially during this corona pandemic. Unexpectedly we all are confronted with the fragility of our existence and of the human race itself. Making selfies has been a pre-covid enjoyment for innumerous tourists all over the world. What lies underneath this innocent-looking modern habit? Just a happy memory of joyful moments or a neoliberal commodity? Humans of the world, we are already united. Stories about humanity connect us. Let’s keep that in mind. Changing pace somewhat clumsily, I am delighted to present the July issue, jampacked with inspiring content, both in our percussion focus and elsewhere. 

In our July offering – a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and reinvention – we also take some time to speak to a number of musicians that have used this unprecedented time to carve out a niche in this ever-changing entertainment landscape. Also this issue, you will find a fascinating interview with the one and only Kailee Spark. But in our cover story she’s thoughtful, open and generous with her answers. Indie artist- Spark’s music is original, with a voice of a songbird; singer, songwriter Kailee Spark will take you to her enchanted world and never let you go. She weaves her lyrics masterfully, way beyond her years; her songs are filled with life lessons and wisdom.

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