A.C. Vini-Vince & Trillpapi Drops The Effortlessly Catchy "Better"

As they gear up to drop their new single, now, more than ever, on May 3rd, A.C. Vini-Vince & Trillpapi have come through with the project's single, "Better." Marking their versatile hip hop song of the month, "Better" sees the New Jersey duo doing what they do best.

A.C. Vini-Vince is a multi-genre, artist, producer, and songwriter, who was born in the Corona section of Queens, New York. He spent his young adult years in Harlem and now spends most of his time in New Jersey. His work is mostly clean, energetic, witty and danceable. He created and developed the sub-genre called “Happy Hip-Hop”. He has produced and written songs in multiple genres such as Pop, Dance, R&B, Hip-Hop, as well as ballads. 

His music is currently playing all over the world in clubs, at parties, on radio stations and on streaming services. Look out for his next two singles, “BETTER", and “MY OWN LANE” on all streaming services and in stores worldwide.

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