PnB Rock & Pop Smoke Are Far From "Ordinary" On Their New Team-Up

The woo is strong on this one. 

Philadelphia rapper PnB Rock had an impressive output last year, dropping his album Trap Star Turnt Pop Star to much acclaim from fans and critics alike. We've been waiting to see what kind of punch he would pull in 2020 and, finally, the power has returned with his first single of the year.

In addition to an appearance on the deluxe edition of Pop Smoke's new album Meet The Woo 2, PnB Rock linked up with the buzzing Brooklyn rapper for "Ordinary," which marks his first official track of the new campaign. The song is boisterous, beginning with tons of "woos" from Pop Smoke and, if you fail to reach the 2-minute mark, you may be confused about this even being a PnB Rock record. After that point though, he takes over, unleashing a fiery verse and skating over the drill-stylized beat. The two stay draped out in Vlone, flexing their trendy ways in the chorus and during their own respective sections.  

PnB Rock and Pop Smoke are proving to be quite the formidable duo, also touching down on "Like Me" today. Listen to the new single below and let us know what you're expecting from PnB Rock this year.  

 Quotable Lyrics: 

We just upped the score today, yeah we
just dropped two more today
We do this shit like it's ordinary, I swear I
can't wait till some more get buried
Hold on, what's that, BD, rush that
Opps tried to score but that shit was a
Spin the block, turn that n***a into a dust
Heard he had the glizzy but ain't get to
bust that

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