Hooked on Cronic is Coming in Hot With his latest EP Release “Looking For You” And Shows no Signs of Stopping !

With his first single on Daxsen Records (DMG) “Don’t Worry Ft Logan Trearty” Hitting over 100k plays On Spotify in its first month, it’s clear Hooked on Cronic has no plans on Stopping now. With New EP’s Out on Label’s Daxsen Records, Electric Station plus a tour in the works expect to see a lot more from this artist! 

Coming out of Toronto Canada, Jeremy Snow is bringing the Heat with his futuristic sound, heavy bass and dance worthy melodies Hooked on Cronic lights up The dance floor with an energetic flow and heavy hitting drop’s, now with Daxsen Records behind him Jeremy is bringing his unique sound across the globe. But EDM wasn’t always the place Jeremy called home , In his early year’s He was the front man For the local toronto Based Metal Act “The Good Die Young” And while recording their debut self-titled EP he would come too meet Logan Trearty of “Low Gain Productions” Who engineered and produced there debut EP . Neither would have guessed that years later they would come together to make their hit dance house single “Don’t Worry “ That put Hooked on Cronic on the map and garnered over 100k plays in its first month on Spotify. 

Along with making EDM dance hit’s Hooked on Cronic also Produce’s Hip Hop, R&B and Pop for artists all over the world and has some awesome features coming on his first full length LP Titled “The House of Cronic” A soulfully blending mix of bright vibrant vocals, warm bass tones, beautiful piano melody’s and striking synth chords, you can get lost in Hooked on Cronic’s music easily and you won’t want to stop there. Currently he is at MCS studio’s in Toronto Working on His New Album “The House of Cronic” with Low Gain Productions which he wants to use to bring feelings of joy and bliss to listeners through his music and live shows. 

Hooked on Cronic states that his goals in music go beyond just producing and playing sold out gigs, the real reason he makes music is he believes and states “music is a powerful tool that can shed the boundary’s and limitations we put against each other in such a fast paced world and bring people together through dance, laughter and let them forget about the problems of the world around them”. He believes music to be a form of medication for the soul and wants to share this joyous prescription all over the world. 

His aspirations are to build a Charity Studio and Label in Toronto, Canada for at risk youth and children from poverty to teach them production, engineering and songwriting skills to give them a positive way to creatively express themselves. Hooked on Cronic states “There is so much young talent in this city and city’s all over the world who just cannot afford to go to a high end studio and craft their sound or they have a troubled home and just need an escape from that, this is what the end goal is for me, I just want to Give back to the Community that made me who I am today, and build something that everyone can be proud while giving these kids a shot at a bright future”.

His latest EP’s “Looking For You" & “Feelings" on Daxsen Records (DMG) and Electric Station respectively, are gaining some buzz.Recently he has started hosting a weekly radio show on Club Connection Radio every Thursday from 11am-5pm EST Featuring Canadian music and music from the local music scenes around Canada playing the brightest up and coming talent from all over Canada. Currently sitting at #16 on the Reverbnation Global EDM Charts and #1 in Canada and a fast growing social media presence, Hooked on Cronic Is definitely an artist to keep your eye and an ear on!

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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