Music meets Adventure TOZ Antonio Piretti a musician with muscles

TOZ Antonio Piretti is getting his music on the road and that requires passion, strength, dedication and definitely some muscles. He is combining his greatest passions - music and sport - to reach out to the people. The Italian- Canadian singer & songwriter is sharing messages striving to make people reflect and motivate them to do better. "Following passions.. a step in heaven a step in hell.. music is to share emotions, songs are messages to communicate experiences & beliefs". 

TOZ had it all, a great business career, well-paid jobs and he founded his own company. At one point in time, he couldn’t see a sense anymore in just running behind the money and he started to look for a more profound meaning in his life. TOZ found it in music. In 2005 he started the journey learning guitar and beginning writing his own songs. He moved from Italy to Canada. In Toronto, music became his way of living.. being also a licensed musician for the subway system (TTC), joining gospel churches and acting for theatrical plays. 
Nowadays he can be found on any kind of stage. From that time until now TOZ could develop his musical career continuously, recording albums and played countless gigs in Canada, US, and Europe. As a man and visionary TOZ likes to challenge himself, as he did it all over his life, as a student, as an entrepreneur and as a musician that also strives to give back to the society. In this spirit, he has founded in '14 a private foundation, "Art Takes Action for Charity" to organize art events to support charitable projects. In '15, Toz did a milestone music tour "Roommates of the Same Planet": a Canadian coast to coast from Sep to Oct '15 performing in 22 shows a new show format: "Audio Visual" a live performance in which music & screened videos melt together to amplify the messages of the songs and to create a unique intense atmosphere. 

In '16, he had set off on a European tour adventure: "Unconventional Tour". A 30 years old Mercedes Clou camper called "Gin Lemon", brought him to 9 countries all over Europe, playing 23 concerts from May to the end of December '16. In '17 Toz faced his greatest challenge so far. A giant tour across Canada: "from the Roots in the Right Direction" brought him from Vancouver to Halifax. By bike and with his guitar he traveled 120 km each day - from mid-April to mid-July 2017. His goal was to combine the naturalness and the purity of biking with the most natural way of singing, just voice and guitar, bringing music among people for Canada’s 150th anniversary. In the same year, from August to mid-September, TOZ and his faithful camper "Gin Lemon", were again ready for the next adventurous tour project. The tour was called "EnjoyWild" with the goal of merging music & adventure, in the best rafting & outdoor sport activity centers across Italy. Now TOZ is ready for the next challenge: a European tour adventure NOT ONLY A CURRENCY. TOZ will be biking for about 6.000 km across 16 countries throughout Europe playing concerts along the way with the aim of strengthen the European spirit of unity and collaboration. “19 countries are using the same currency, but are we really united? Common roots, a past of fights but of relationships too, I feel that we could collaborate better together with a stronger European sense of belonging. 
Being abroad for a long period, I had the opportunity to live and experience that as Europeans we have deeper roots than we think. Respecting and enhancing the individual differences we should have a more collaborative and constructive mutual approach, seeking true brotherhood for a brighter future for all of us. Should we wait to see on a TV screen an Official European soccer team to feel us as Europeans, or can we just start before that day?” At the moment he is dedicated to his greatest project of all times: being a father to his 10 month old daughter Maya Noemi. Besides that he is planning the upcoming tour, teaching himself piano and recording new songs for a future album. There’s always something ne wand exciting on the horizon.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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