COMA Pops Up On his single "Grave"

The singer tells the story that sometimes we dig our own grave and put ourself in the places we end up. COMA preaches lyrical truth in between the delicate yet powerful beat. 

COMA is a 16 year old singer, rapper, songwriter, musician.  He's been independently working on his own work, but has featured on his sisters music as well as other rap artists.  He has his own style and each song he goes with the flow of what he feels emotionally and what he wants to do creatively.  His sister is a producer, singer, songwriter, pianist and over all their years of growing up they developed their own styles, but they respect each other and their corrective criticisms in recording and writing.  It has helped a lot in direction of initial takes.  

One thing they have always done is stay true to their design and what they envision.  COMA has a nice way of intertwining his harmonies and his style to almost seems like two artists on his own song.  It allows him to grow his rap or spoken word and develop a gritty stance and force and then still dable with his tom Jones and frank Sinatra style of singing.  People compare some parts to Eminem, but he actually listens to much older musicians of influence.  He takes some from his favorite 80's/90's artists and then his soulful grandparents influence of love for earlier styles of laid back upbeat love melodies.  He uses a unique way and relating to the listener coming from his own perspective on life and where he comes from there very relatable lines in his music that lets the listener know that others feel those emotions. 

All Liv V and COMA music have sounds that fit Netflix, big movie productions, boxing, flying, superhero, down emotional moments.  These two have the talent and x factor that isn't to be ignored.  Their work ethic and way of working they found has helped shape and evolve who they've become as artists.  They are extremely current and their generation always reaches out loving what they are doing and thankful they found them.

Listen to "Grave" and watch the video, and let us know what you think

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