Vandi Lynnae songs "Back to you" & “Lovin you easy”

Vandi Lynnae Releases "Back to You" and "Lovin’ You Easy" to Celebrate the Beauty of Love and Human Relationships

Vandi Lynnae’s two new recently released singles “Back to You” and “Lovin’ You Easy” are songs about love and human relationships, but from two different angles.

“Back to You” reminisces about love gone by – a love story that has ended rather abruptly, just when one of the people in the relationship starts thinking they’ve found The One. Instead, what happens is that the object of their affection suddenly disappears from their life, like a phantom that has vanished into thin air.

The person left behind is left languishing in despair, still longing for the return of their loved one. Focused on the moments of happiness shared with their loved one, they wonder about what happened and what they could have done differently. These feelings of happiness mixed with sorrow and longing haunt them. They know in their heart that the moment their loved one reappears and asks to be taken back, there won’t be any hesitation. Even when it goes against their sensibilities, they know they love that person too much to turn away.

“Back to You” may seem wistful and sad, but it also celebrates the knowing that comes with loving, and holding on to all the happy memories and the promise the relationship once held.

“Lovin’ You Easy” celebrates ideal love – the kind of relationship that’s so right, there’s no stress or complications at all. It’s a story of the love people dream of, where they find someone they can laugh with; someone who’ll make them smile and laugh; someone to gently fall in love with until they reach a state of contentment or an easy, joyful existence. The persona in the song believes they’ll find that easygoing someone who’ll feel familiar and utterly comfortable, just like coming home.

These ballads truly capture the joyful romantic in everyone as Vandi Lynnae’s soulful renditions speak to and touch the soul.
Although Miss Lynnae is a classically trained artist, her versatility allows her to perform a range of musical styles – from jazz to country music. Coming from a creative musical family, Miss Lynnae started playing the piano at age 5, began playing the trumpet at age 11 and started her vocal lessons when she was 12.

Not long after, Miss Lynnae ventured into songwriting, so it came as no surprise that she studied classical music and musical theater in college. Since then, Miss Lynnae has been active in the theater scene while also making music and performing with a jazz group in Indianapolis, a country-rock cover band, and with her mother “Bobbi Bye.”

Miss Lynnae’s strong musical foundation is evident in how she masterfully captures the emotions behind “Back to You” and “Lovin’ You Easy." Watch out for these singles as they climb up the charts.

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