Loïc Daniel Huber pours out his feelings on "Only G"

Loïc Daniel Huber's melodies are on full display on "Only G" from album the "Gift of Time"

Loïc Daniel Huber is a bubbling artist out of Pennsylvania State University and those who have discovered him are well-aware of just how catchy his songs are. Although he have a background as a self-taught technical guitarist, his compositions tell a different story. He stated,

I’m an indie singer-songwriter. A large part of the reason why I’ve had to evolve from shred-centric guitar playing to indie-rock is due to this simple fact: I’m working with a very sparse recording set up. My song "Only G" is an original composition that I wrote during the Covid crisis. It is featured on my album, "Gift of Time". I consider my music to be a consequence of all the time. I’ve had due to the pandemic, hence the name of the title.

What makes this song particularly interesting is the fact that it contains an indie rock instrumental that would fit in nicely with some of the bands that popped up during the early 2010s. His confidence is certainly on a new level, and understandably so given what he accomplished. His second album "Grounded" will be out soon on all streaming platforms. Hope you enjoy watching and listening to his progression as a new musician.

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