Perry Stevens is back on the scene with a new studio effort: Oh Baby - Baby.

One more little musical gem from the talented artist who reignited the spark in the old school's sound!

Perry Stevens is a talented new artist focusing on setting the bar higher with personality and passion. Over the years, he racked up significant experience as a live singer back in the 70s, and he was on track to go full-professional, pursuing a music career and hitting the road. However, he fell in love and decided to stay home.This way, he could start a family and be there for the people in his life.As you might know, it is not always easy to juggle life on the road with being supportive of a family, so Perry decided to focus on his affections. Years later, he finally jumped back into music, and he came up with a fantastic sonic vision. He started writing songs that tip the hat off to classic acts - From Johnny Cash to Paul Anka and Elvis Presley. However, he did not just set out to recreate the nostalgic sounds of yesteryear.

On the contrary, he created something that’s a new sound - A striking combination of vintage warmth and modern clarity. Some people say“out with the old, in with the new,” but an artist like Perry has a different approach: Blending old and new in order to create something that’s really catchy and awesome. Needless to say, the audience’s response has been really phenomenal so far. Perry’s songs have a huge audience, and he keeps growing his fan base with every new track. His creative vision compels him to explore music with a more open minded approach, which really makes his sound more interesting and one-of-a-kind. The artist’s most recent studio work is a project titled Oh Baby - Baby. Perry’s vocals are incredibly distinctive, and his effects are amazing as well - just the perfect amount of echo to make the vocals stand out! The instrumental track has a fascinating sound.

The keyboards are melodic, but also have a rhythmic element to the sound, going for a really cool retro vibe that reminds me of that early Mersey Beat type sound, just like The Beatles or The Animals back when they first started! However, there is also something that makes me think about The Beach Boys, especially because of the awesome layering of sounds that is going on here. The verses have a strong storytelling component, and the hooks are catchy as well! The track tells the story of a man who cannot find the love of his life. At some point, the woman he loved will return, finally understanding that he was the one all along as well! This is a song of love, and it has a beautiful vibe, which connects with the audience on a deeper level. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this release is actually a great blend of classic sounds and modern ideas. In fact, the song arguably features notable influences such as 60s music and indie-pop. However, there is so much more to it than that, with Perry channeling so much passion and experience! 

The production is immersive, and there is plenty of room for the artist to let the arrangement unfold, with new sonic details adding depth to the mix and adding more to the overall character of this release as a whole. This is definitely going to be something you’d dig if you are into the work of artists like The Kinks, Elvis Presley, or The Beatles, only to mention a few. This is a welcome addition to the artist’s discography and a good introduction to his sound and vision!What makes this release so special is definitely the fact that Perry went to great lengths to build a fantastic sonic soundscape, where everything comes together so beautifully. From the beat to the vocal lines, everything is balanced and perfectly attuned to the vibe of the song. 

Learn more about Perry Stevens’s music and do not miss out on Oh Baby - Baby. 

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