Wild Horse – UK Indie At Its Best

Wild Horse are a young, exciting English Indie band who’s recently released 3rd album “DANCE!! LIKE AN ANIMAL” has, once again, drawn favourable comparisons with some of the UK’s very best exports from critics both sides of the pond, but more than that it is establishing WILD HORSE as its own brand of Indie.

Wild Horse were formed in April 2013 by two brothers, Henry & Jack Baldwin & their school friend, Ed “Barking” Barnes, then with an average age of 13. The combination of the three instantly worked forming a talented and skilled unit with massive stage presence & ability. They have a shared love of the best in R&B taking their influences from the greats such as, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, BB King, The Who, Neil Young etc. but they are no “sound alike”, they have a clear & original Wild Horse sound. Originally starting with covers they quickly discovered the brothers had an awesome writing partnership & early on made the decision to only play & record their own tunes.

One very unique feature of the band is that brothers Henry and Jack Baldwin share the lead vocal duties. Imagine Jagger sparring with Liam G and you’re getting close. Throw in some classic rock riffs a’ la Keef’ over Ed Barnes’s powerhouse drumming and you can start to imagine what Wild Horse are about. Despite the normal level of sibling rivalry & brotherly in fighting, their dedication to the band ensures a continual development that sees constant improvement & change, this band only knows how to progress forward and is always focusing on new sounds and techniques to explore and implement creating something new and exciting.

But it’s not all bombast, there is subtlety and even beauty, with great backing vocals and considered song arrangement. You can hear influences from the like of The Arctic Monkeys, The Hives, Blood Orange, Billie Eillish, BROCKHAMPTON, Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Stormzy, Libertines and of course the Rolling Stones throughout their repertoire but they all still sound like Wild Horse!

The East Sussex boys are renowned for an exciting, powerful stage show, having honed their craft from an early age at all the iconic venues in London & the South East as well as several festivals, often playing the same stages as many of their heroes once did.

Wild Horse were recognised by becoming 2014 “Rock the House” nominees and 2016 finalists. In early 2015 Wild Horse signed with a New York record company who released original Wild Horse tracks on mixed EP’s leading to the release of their first album, “It’s Begun”, in January 2016, entirely made up of original material.

Now working with a small independent UK label & studio, Wild Horse recorded & released a further 14 original tracks during 2017 forming three EP’s, “On The Run”, “It’s Only Rejection” & “Timeless Dancing”. In spring 2018 they completed their second album “Songs About Last Night”, which was released on June 30th and received much praise & airplay.

Following on from this, their third album “DANCE!! Like an Animal” recently released on April 18th 2019 is also receiving an incredible response from critics & music lovers alike, it is a true “Wild Horse” sound with tracks that could easily be described as punk, sitting side by side with blues, Latin influences, Indie & rock, they are not a prescribed genre and are open to many influences & ideas. Like their second album, this one has a theme running through it, growing into adulthood in the modern world with modern pressures, making this very current & gaining fans from many genres & ages.

With almost 50 original tracks recorded, three albums & three 6 track EP’s released, Wild Horse are already working on the fourth album & are due to start recording in September with a provisional release date of December 2019.

For 2020 they have big plans to ensure they up the ante & significantly raise their profile with the aim of becoming mainstream. Amongst many significant UK gigs they will undertake their first European tour.

There is no stopping their creativity & drive. Wild Horse are a band like no other for all the right reasons. Their love of the music & playing to live audiences is an experience not to be missed….

Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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