Terry Carroll holds to the raw retro sound of the 60s and 70 in his mix

Terry Carroll is a songwriter of both words and music on his albums, "Just A Fan", A Night At The Auditorium" and "Let's Go Cubs". He performs all vocals and instrumental parts. Terry holds to the raw retro sound of the 60s and 70 in his arrangements, production, and mixes.

Melodies have always come easy for Terry, It was as natural as something can be. The tunes for songs came to him as easy as one could imagine. When he was a boy, whenever he was alone, Terry would find himself singing out words of nonsense just to get the melody out that was in his head. The lyrics were somewhat of a challenge to overcome. He always wanted each line to have a strong meaning behind the words. He would write lyrics again and again, not easily being satisfied with them, even after he recorded them in the studio. The lyrics he writes mostly has to do with the world as he sees it. whether it's about a person, history, love, hate, his favorite bands or his favorite baseball team the Chicago Cubs. 

Even though a natural Drummer, Terry was more inspired by the guitarists of the day.
First buying a drum set and then a guitar. Later both the drums and guitar would take a backseat. This happened after attending a Queen concert. The unique style of Freddie Mercury's rock piano fingers should be credited with Terry's interest in piano. Taking strictly classical piano lessons at first and later combining it with Blues/Rock piano. Classical piano gave him the discipline that was required to be the best piano player that he could be. blues/Rock piano would offer him the fun that is required for rock 'n' roll. That 60s sound that Terry is so well known for has mostly to due with his Singing style.

Some times working with bands over the internet, Terry, for the most part, works to complete his albums by himself, from the writing through to the mastering. The following Albums are his latest works. His newest album is due out 02/01/2020.

Just A Fan: 
Just A Fan is Carroll's debut album. The title best describes how Terry thinks of himself, He's a fan of music. However, he tends to have a 60s/70s sound to his music. You,l may say it's retro. That 60s sound is sure to be heard on the song "Imagine (4 young lads". Surely a retro tune with a sound that's right from the 60s and lyrics that paint a picture of what authority was nervous about throughout the 60s. The album kicks off with this song "It's More Than Love", a soft ballad reminiscent of a 70s Lennon approach to mood, lyrics, and production. You will find songs like "Imagine (4 Young Lads)" and "She Loves You (Keeps On Playing In My Head)) to not only have a raw 60s sound but also sings out to the listener about the days of past. Staying with the same approach in the recording studio that are reminiscent of the 60s sound with an added texture of present days are songs like, "I Should Have Known Better", "She Drives Me Crazy", "Don't Tell Him He Can't Fly", "I'll Be Right Here For You", "I Need You Tonight" and "I Want To Tell You". Also, If you like the TV show "The Walking Dead", be sure to check out the song "I Ran All Night". It was inspired by the TV show "The Walking Dead". For those of you that are intrigued by Vampire movies and TV shows, check out "I'm Your Worst Nightmare. This album is a tribute to The Beatles

A Night At The Auditorium:
The title and cover of this album are connected to the best concert that Terry ever witnessed. Continuing to use organic instrumentation Terry added an electronica texture to this album as well. Every song on this album continues with the tradition of Carroll's needs, of what he likes to write about. The lyrics may be and ambiguous to most, but they have a lot of meaning for Terry. Terry believes that a lot of listeners will understand completely what he is wanting to say, The first four tracks have more to do with his own life's experiences. The songs have a lot to do with celebrities, the world all around us, love, heartbreak, and most of all personalities of the Human race. You will also find some remixes and this Pop/Rock Album. This album is a tribute to Queen

Let's Go Cubs:
There's plenty of fun and this album. Full of Pop/Rock and Blues /Rock, as well as a ballad that speaks of the beauty of Wrigley Field and being a diehard Cubs fan. 
"Just As Long As The Cubs Are Playing" begins with a verse that Neil diamond may find himself wanting to sing to, and a chorus that any 70s Pop fan would jump in to sing to, due to its simplistic lyric that is right on the money of how cub's fans feel about their team and the park they go to Wrigley Field. "Chi-town Cubbies" rocks to a backbeat with a lyric that informs any Baseball team coming to Chicago better be up for a challenge. "The Cubs Are Going To Rock This Town", The Cubs Are Going All The Way". "The Cubs Are Going To Take It All", and "let's Go Cubs" are rally calls to all Cubs fans to have a Lotta fun, The Cubs are going to win once again. The song Cubs nation demonstrates the loyalty of what being a Cubs fan is, Win or loss they are Cubs fans. Nothing matters but Cubs nation. Lastly, the song "The Cubs Are Gonna Do It. This song was written before the 2016 win of the World Series. With the verses that speak of the historic upsets that the Cubs had gone through, the longest drought in the history of sports. The chorus is all about winning, and the new year is going to bring a World Series to the Chicago Cubs. One might say that this song is in the same theme of "We Are The Champions" by the rock group Queen. This album is a tribute to The Chicago Cubs
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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