Mark Donovan expresses a form of naked honesty and bold originality rarely seen

Mark Donovan is a Singer-Songwriter based out of New Hampshire who shares his eloquent and heartfelt thoughts and expansive experiences through a wide range of musical masterpieces. Spanning across multiple genres from one song to the next, Mark explores Folk, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, and beyond. Mark is no typical or average musician by any means. 

I first had the opportunity to meet Mark at a recent benefit show I was putting on. We had been connected through the vast network known as social media. I had reached out to our local music community about the event, announcing there was one musical slot still available on the bill. A number of artists had reached out hoping to snag the spot and Mark was one of them. I gave all the artists who applied a thorough and honest listen, but Mark's music stood out above the rest. His passionate songwriting immediately gripped me. I quickly gave him the spot before he had any chance to change his mind. Mark drove 4 hours from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to Downeast Maine on his own dime to support our charity. Our program, Truth Virus Youth, donates musical instruments to underprivileged children in our state. 

Mark expressed his gratitude to be able to contribute to our program, as this was a cause that truly resonated with him, and we were thankful he did. On stage, he exemplified a powerful control over his voice which captivated the audience. At one point in his performance, I became overwhelmed with emotions and tears began to fall down my face. That’s what Mark’s music does, it creates a space to be vulnerable in for all of us. It was heartfelt, emotional, and devoted. A number of people in attendance had come up to me while Mark was on stage and asked in excitement, "Where did you find this guy?!" 

Mark's performance that night was truly a blessing. After Mark's set, he and I had an opportunity to converse for a bit. We discussed our views on the world, our spirituality, struggles we had both encountered to get us where we were, and we especially connected on our drive to invest our time and energy into charitable work. 

It was obvious that Mark not only cared passionately about music, but also the world around him. Mark has an incredible connection to his creativity, one that any artist would envy. He has independently released over 15 albums throughout the course of his musical career and he has somehow managed to not pigeonhole himself into any one genre. Described as a "dark pop" indie artist, he elucidates stories of love and beauty woven into and contrasted by pain and destruction. Balancing both light and darkness on a razor's edge, Mark expresses a form of naked honesty and bold originality rarely seen. His album The Sky Flower Series features 49 tracks (yes, you read that correctly) and has been released on all major music platforms. 

One might think with that many songs in one collection, the record would at some point become repetitive, but that would be an assumption quickly disproved. Each song creates and provides its own experience, vastly different from the track that precedes it or the one that follows it. Each song tells its own story and invokes its own catalog of emotions. The work is exceptionally produced and keeps the listener engaged, never giving any sort of clear direction as to where our conductor will lead us next, which only lends an extra element of mystery and intrigue to the captivating collective experience. Mark Donovan is a musical inspiration. 

He is an artist who is wholly enveloped and fully dedicated to his craft. He provides something for everyone, which is a skill very few artists can truly accomplish. Each song is its own room. Each room provides its own unique mood and invocation of emotions and memories. So turn out the lights, light up a candle, get comfortable, and get ready to explore the caverns of mystery and tranquility of our own psyche with Mark Donovan as our guide.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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