Late Might Crisis Solid Rhythmic Line Drives Beautifully Against A Vox

"A Gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn't" - Tom Waits 
Mike Schwartz, a Singer/Songwriter who writes, records, and performs under the pseudonym 'late night crisis' may or may not have been influenced by this quote when he traded in his childhood instrument of choice for a guitar, but it opened a conduit of creativity that he hadn't recognized when he was learning how to play the accordion.

Currently residing in Westchester County in the state of New York, I spoke with him recently about his music and about some of his early influences. He feels that these influences don't only come from his youth but continue even today, so he broke it down for me: Pre 1990: Beatles, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Elton John Post 1990: Death Cab for Cutie Foo Fighters Ray LaMontagne His first band 'The Guyz' was founded with his brother, the drummer in the band. They started practicing and writing original songs, not being content with playing covers. Keeping band members proved to be a problem, however. Lack of commitment, conflicts in schedules, and member's girlfriends all threatened to derail the bands anticipated success. Eventually his brother succumbed to all the attention he was getting from the fairer sex, and Mike was left to his own devices.

As a solo artist, he eventually recorded two demo quality albums on his old Dokorder 4 track, mixing it down to cassettes. The tapes were given high accolades by family and friends, but all marketing attempts failed to ignite interest in the community. Eventually he took to submitting his songs to Music Publishers in several states across the country. 

Mike's songs can be described as having a light Rock/Pop feel to them, with nuances of folk and country laced between jangling chords and catchy hooks. His writing covers a broad spectrum of topics. Social issues, addiction, life, death, nostalgia, desire, loss, and of course, love. Anything he feels might leave an indelible mark on one's soul and psyche.

Changing directions in the early 2000's and unfamiliar with the World Wide Web, social media, and digital technology in general, he spent two years solely on YouTube posting and promoting his music. However, he never seemed to gain any traction on the video platform, so he changed his strategy, rolling over into sites such as ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter. He soon became a familiar face to many of the incredibly talented Indie artists that flock to these sites.

Using his online connections, he met up with LA Producer David Snow who wound up producing a song of Mike's, 15 Minutes of Fame (Give Me), a light hearted tongue-in- cheek look at Andy Warhol
s most famous quote. Published earlier this year by Hip-Kat Music, it became part of David Snow's music library for film and TV placements. Which in turn, became part of a deal David had just finalized with Universal Music Group, so the song ultimately wound up in Universal's music library. Another of his songs "Trigger" about a high school shooter is currently with two placement services, and now, quite possibly a third sometime in the near future.

Looking ahead to Mike's future projects, he's been thinking about forming a new band to try and establish a presence in his community. He also has mentioned that he wants to record a full length album with a producer, once he comes up with a viable marketing strategy. He would like to get more involved with important issues such as addiction, bullying, and teen suicide. Right now he's been very busy writing and recording new material. Having a new 16 track recording system, he also wants to redo several songs that fell short of the intended result.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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