Dru Yates dropped his mixtape "The Urban Resume"

“YOU CAN’T MAKE IT” are words that ARE NOT in Dru Yates vocabulary! Born in Germany, Dru is the son of a Military Service Member, who a few years after Dru’s birth, separated from Dru’s Mother and left her and her five children to fend for themselves. Relocating to New York, Young Dru quickly discovered a passion for music as an escape from the world around him and as a means to express himself through song. Dru's Mother began to notice his desire to entertain and began entering him in local musical competitions. Often, she had Dru perform for family and friends at social functions and gatherings to aid in developing his confidence and stage presence. In an effort to shield Dru and her other children from the life of the city streets, Dru’s Mother later relocated the family to Junction City, Kansas. 

Though this was a major geographical change, Dru continued to develop his craft, and immersed himself deeper into his music. But, in 2000, Dru’s world was shaken to the core, when his older brother, John, was arrested and charged with attempted murder and sentenced to 42 years in prison.Overwhelmed over the physical loss of his brother, Dru decided to take a break from music. Dru briefly attended College on a basketball scholarship, but after only one year, he began to feel like he was missing his true calling. Reconnecting with his desire of making great music and performing, Dru decided to step back into the booth one more time. 

It was as if Dru had never put down his mic! The rush that he got from writing and recording music solidified his life's goals of being a Artist. Dru recommitted himself to the music game, and soon after became a member of the 2 man Hip-Hop/R&B group S.O. Allstars. Dru enjoyed moderate success in the release of a few S.O. Allstars mixtapes; However, creative differences and conflict of interest began to wear on the duo, and both members decided to go their separate ways and pursue their solo careers. Today, Dru is grinding harder than ever and continues to work towards what he started so many years ago. Currently enjoying the reverberated success of his latest project, "The Urban Resume", Dru is working on completion of his 3rd solo album "The Memorandum" scheduled to release in October 2019.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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