Inspired By the Personal, Vandi Lynnae's 'This Love is Cosmic' is Entirely Universal

What does someone uniquely gifted with an operatic voice do after meeting a potential soulmate? In Vandi Lynnae's case, the only thing to be done was to pour all the heartfelt emotions exchanged into a single called "This Love is Cosmic," meant to memorialize and forever consecrate the serendipity of the meeting — and the depth of the experience.

Haunting and yet ethereal, "This Love is Cosmic" is a ballad that brings out the best moments in Vandi Lynnae's personal relationship with a conductor after singing as part of an orchestra in concert. The two felt compelled to be together, and Ms. Lynnae confesses that she didn't plan on talking to him, let alone spending time together. After their chance encounter, however, he surprised her, transforming their connection into a relationship with a strong bond.

Ms. Lynnae has always had a penchant for providence, fate, and destiny. With a grandmother who was a painter and a professional clown, a mother who was a dancer and classical guitarist, and an aunt and uncle who were professional songwriters, music is her destiny, her history, and in her very genes. Ms. Lynnae describes her inner knowing of her path as a singer and songwriter as something she was "created for,"quite possibly singing before she could walk.

When asked what makes her music unique, Ms. Lynnae is both introspective and expressive:

I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to singing and music, I don’t think I could live without it. I’d rather die than get a tracheotomy. I think what makes my music unique is that I have such a versatile musical background — that and my heart. It’s poured into my songs.

That background includes piano lessons at 5, voice lessons and songwriting at 12, and a focus on classical music and musical theater in college and graduate school.

The combination of talent and grit has taken her across a range of stages and performances, including opera, musical theater, jazz, oratorio, with orchestra, and chamber music.

Even though she feels most comfortable as an independent artist, she also sometimes collaborates with other musicians. Her recent feature on WICR The Diamond 88.7 in Indianapolis as Lois/Bianca was just such a collaboration with the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra along with Matthew Kramer, the conductor,and Ben Harris, the leading man.

"This Love is Cosmic" starts out slow and lilting, as though drawing the listener in with an almost mournful, wistful emotion. And even though the background score peps up significantly, the show-stealer, Ms. Lynnae's almost otherworldly voice, reminds listeners that love is many things — most of all, a paradox that is both saccharine and angst-ridden.

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