This young investor wrote a rap song about GME - and it slaps

Memes aren't the only form of entertainment coming out of the recent $GME squeeze. A young investor and producer who goes by the artist name lil minty boy just released a rap song inspired by GameStop and the Wall Street frenzy. The song is titled GME (HOLD) and its inventive beat paired with its clever chorus will have you singing along all the way to the moon.

Lil minty boy's lyrics allude to the many sentiments and memes related to the $GME craze - specifically those coming out of Reddit's infamous WallStreetBets forum. The producer wastes no time during the song's two minute and sixteen-second duration - he raps about other booming stocks (such as $AMC), retail investor's intentions to take the stock to the moon and "hold for life", and he even takes a stab at Robinhood for their shady decision to block investments in $GME right as it was taking off.

The lyrics alone inject new hype into the GameStop madness, and paired with an absolutely fire beat, we'll guarantee you'll be playing this one on repeat. The song hits music platforms on February 10th, and lil minty boy will be dropping a music video on the same day. 

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Quotable Lyrics

GME got me money
AMC got me money
Robinhood can suck my dick
Ape shit, can’t lose my grip
To the moon, hold for life
Diamond hands, ride or die
Bet against us, we unite

Check it out below.

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