Jake.O slide through with a brand new single "NV"

“​NV​” encapsulates the feeling of a noname artist who embodies a confident personality while facing tremendous amounts of uncertainty and scrutiny amongst an incredibly saturated industry. This entails question in gone's purpose, dealing with skeptics, and reflecting on self-worth.

Jake Oliver from Jacksonville beach, Florida. He lived in Charlotte, NC for a few years and currently reside in Wilmington, NC. Music has always been a passion of him, but just now he beginning to discover potential as an artist. He strive to create unique melodies and moods that leave the listener feeling inspired, yet curious. Music is his escape from daily life and helps him cope with struggles. He draw a lot of inspiration from modern day artists such as Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, and the Pro Era Collective. Classic artists like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Ozzy Osbourne also play a role in his creative process. He confident that his music offers something new and refreshing. His goal as an artist is to prove to himself that It is possible to make something out of nothing and hope along the way he can positively impact whoever’s listening. As he stated,

“​NV​” is one of my favorite songs I have made as of late. This is simply due to the fact that there was no particular feeling driving me when creating it, other than a sense that all of the pieces were coming together fluently. Typically,my best work comes from putting in the least effort. I find that when I am trying too hard to make a good song, I hit a dead end. “​Walls​” is a song that I made when I was cooped up in my apartment in Charlotte. COVID-19 was just beginning to cripple the U.S. and everyone was starting to feel the effects of quarantine. I was living in a small four cornered room with nothing but white walls staring back at me. I specifically remember only wanting to write this song during the day because getting in that zone at night exacerbated my feelings of isolation. My lyrics in this song stand out to me the most. They capture my dark thoughts in an organic and palatable way. I consider my lyrics to be somewhat encrypted in the sense that they are abstract, yet purposeful. Expressing myself through music feels like the only way I can accurately articulate how I really feel as I go through life and “Walls” is certainly a moment where I subjected myself publicly to being vulnerable.

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