Perry Stevens is back with a fresh new studio single: I Want Your Love.

A stunning new single with a retro twist and a fantastic story behind it.

Perry Stevens is an incredibly eclectic artist. His sound blurs the lines between a wide variety of genre definitions and sonic aesthetics, and he is always interested in pushing his creativity to experiment with new sounds and new ideas. From old-time rock and roll and country, down to modern electronic beats, anything goes! As an artist, Perry likes to stay quite busy, and he releases music as often as possible. His most recent song is titled "I Want Your Love," and it is one of the most romantic and exciting tunes in his collection thus far! The track actually tells the story of a man who is deeply in love with a girl and wants to be loved back by her! This is a kind of feeling that anyone can easily relate to, and I love how Perry uses his songwriting talent to tell this powerful story and connect a deeper connection with his audience. As someone who has been involved with music for many years now, Perry knows how to keep an audience engaged.

This stellar track is stunning, and it serves as an amazing example of the artist's one-of-a-kind sound. Music is something the comes very natural for Perry, who has been singing for many years now. He was already a professional singer back in the 70s, but he turned down a life on the road, so that he could admirably focus on his family. Today, he is back in full force and he has established himself as one of the most interesting artists on the global musical panorama. the song has an organic and consistent sound, and it takes the listener to a different place. The immersive feel of Perry's performance is truly amazing indeed. 

It seems as if somehow, the places and moments the song narrates had also been immortalized by Perry's microphones and vivacious performance. His voice has a lot of warmth to it, reminiscent of crooning greats such as Paul Anka, as well as other legendary singers such as Elvis Presley, as well as Johnny Cash, and even Nick Cave and Arthur Bayer, just to mention but a few. Despite an affinity with the aforementioned artists, Perry definitely stands out with a sound that feels unique and forward-thinking. The wide range of sounds and ideas portrayed on this record are truly remarkable, and it’s amazing to hear how much focus and care went into the making of this fascinating studio release.

What's special about the production is that it has a nice retro twist to it, but it still feels fresh and new. This falls in line with Perry's remarkable artistic vision: exploring the amazing melodies of the past, and bringing this timeless sound to a whole new audience. It is safe to say that his idea is working! Many people have been loving his releases so far, and this is another excellent song in his list of fantastic musical achievements. “I Want Your Love” is a fantastic release with a fresh attitude and an open sound that sets the bar higher in terms for creativity and production aesthetics alike. 

What’s more, the artist spares no expense in terms of detail and sound quality. Anything that Perry releases is consistently excellent and amazing, giving the audience a deeper insight into his talent - not only as a songwriter, but also as a natural-born storyteller with a penchant for connecting with his audience on a deeper level.

The song is very light, but not trivial for this. Indeed, this amazing song is full of feelings right down to the last note. This song is a pleasant taste of the work of this good songwriter. This is an excellent new chapter in the artist's discography, which is really very good at involving the public and at telling compelling stories with his music.  

Find out more about Perry Stevens, and do not miss out on "I Want Your Love," which is currently available on Soundcloud:

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