Wesley Walker : Dreams always come true, when you’re aligned with the truth

Oregon based Wesley Walker (releasing music under the name Free Your Self) has just released his debut album “FREE MUSIC!” a collection of self released songs spanning a variety of genre’s.

After years of hard work the debut EP from Free Your Self is finally released! Recorded over a 4 year period that saw singer/songwriter Wesley Walker relentlessly challenged with  countless setbacks. Serving as the albums coproducer and arranger, and dividing his time working on various marijuana farms throughout the Pacific Northwest to be able to afford studio costs, his album “FREE MUSIC!” is the culmination of a multi year journey of self discovery.  A 37 minute sonic adventure available absolutely free, in the true abundant sprit of music’s power to bring people together.

Music is the centerpiece of the unorthodox life of Wesley Walker. A singer songwriter from Southern California. Wesley’s compositions, lyrics, and voice bristle with a warmth and sincerity offering an authentic and unedited experience that resonates with a wide spectrum of listeners. Drawing inspiration from classic’s such as Van Morrison and Pink Floyd, as well as more modern bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Radiohead, Wesley’s evolving style seeks to fuse multiple generations of storytelling and sonic wizardry into a signature soulful sound. Wesley’s music is a direct reflection of his unique life path, weaving from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest to the beaches of Hawaii, sharing stories, songs and life experiences around campfires and stages alike.

Raised near Santa Clarita, a generic suburb on the outskirts of Los Angeles, Wesley sought out adventure and meaning, longing for a life rich with experiences beyond what his drab surroundings would provide. With nothing but a backpack and guitar in tow, he wandered and traveled to Hawaii and the greater Western United States, never looking back on a life of shallow expectations. Hitch hiking, farming,writing,playing music,making memories and lasting friendships while living everywhere from couches to beaches, from cars to jungle retreat centers. Over the past 5 years, Wesley has performed at countless campfires, street corners,retirement homes, coffee shops, and clubs throughout the West. Jamming and sharing stories with countless musicians along the way.

Wesley Walker’s Free Your Self project is the culmination of years of songwriting and experiences on the road. Turning acoustic guitar songs into full band arrangements with a group of talented studio musicians and friends alike. Working with talented producer Billy Barnett (Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, Tom Jones, Tori Amos) Wesley was able to explore the potential of each song and record them the way he had always envisioned, delivering his songs with a humanity and vulnerability that is relatable and genuine. With thought provoking lyrics, heart-felt phrasing, and an imperfect polish, his songs draw people in, offering themselves as companions throughout the diverse landscape of human emotion.From the dreamy acoustic folk/americana tinged “If It Takes Your Breath Away” to the hip-hop/jazz funk inspired “Give In”, From the Soul/Gospel vocal acrobatics of “Strength To Love” to the tow tapping infectious groove,horn section and  audience sing-a-long of “Dreams”. Track for track Wesley’s  “FREE MUSIC!” album is a strong debut project that foretells of a long and successful career in music. Free Your Self is revolving collective of musicians gathered to perform the songs of Wesley Walker. Currently Wesley is working on putting a full band together to hit the road and perform song’s from “FREE MUSIC!” as well as many others,
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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