The Incurables Known For Their High Energy Live Performances and Audience Participation

Founded in Wayne, MI by lifelong friends that met in kindergarten, Ray Lawson (Bass guitar and vocals), Pat Kelly (Lead guitar and vocals), Growing up listening to AM radio, The Incurables managed to find influences from the groups of the sixties British Invasion and psychedelic scene as well as the seventies and eighties sounds coming from New York's CBGB. Being located in the middle of Detroit and Ann Arbor you could say the bands style continued to evolve with a mix of the heavier rock sounds coming out of Detroit and the college indie sounds of Ann Arbor. As with any new band The Incurables took to the basement for endless nights of practice, always looking for that obscure cover they could call their own or taking any well-known song and adding their own incurable twist. 

Loaded with a nights worth of music it was time to hit the road play when and wherever they could, from ice arena’s, basement party’s to the local club scene. The band slowly started to build a small following in their home town when , at that time Pat and Ray felt it was time to take the band in a new direction and started writing and performing their own material which ended up producing their first four song E.P. The Incurables found much success sharing the stage with some of the hottest bands in the Detroit area such as Bitter Sweet Ally, Adrenalin and Toby Redd and also hitting the college bar scene all over the state of Michigan. Everything was falling into place until on the way to a show at Ferris State college, their current drummer Paul Coleman left a day earlier to do some off roading when his ATV was involved in a head on collision resulting in a spinal injury and resulting in Paul’s untimely exit from the band. 

Now there was two, Ray brought up the idea of asking his cousin Darrin to join, at first Pat was reluctant fearing the sound would lack the power Paul brought to the band but after the first practice Darrin proved he was a natural fit, bringing his technical influences and his amazing vocal harmonizing abilities to round out the band. Now that all the pieces were in place The Incurables focused on writing while fine tuning their live performance which resulted in their first full album.

The Incurables kept a busy schedule with gigs, numerous TV appearances, interviews and recording; it was while writing songs for their next release they reconnected with high school friend Dennis Pepperack after doing his part in the USN. Having the same musical appetite, Dennis soon joined the band as rhythm Guitarist. 

While putting the finishing touches on the bands second release The Incurables got the news that Dennis would be departing the band for Music City, Nashville TN. While doing some gigs as a three piece again the band was approached by Guitarist Chuck Byberg who saw the band was in need of a new Rhythm Guitar player. After giving Chuck a set list and some rough recordings he came too practice ready to rock and the band was back to a foursome. This lineup lasted for many years until Pat left the band on a spiritual journey, in the time Pat was gone looking for inner peace the band continued to perform and record adding guitarist Eric Porter and guitarist Kelly Marcot to fill the void, also during this time The Incurables completed two tours of Germany and The Netherlands and was invited to perform numerous times at The Famous Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, SD. 

Due to personal issues and years of constant playing the band decided to take a short hiatus, well the break turned into weeks, which turned into months, which turned into years, until one day like in the beginning Pat and Ray decided to get together and head back to the basement for a long overdue jam session, by the time it was over the musical fire was re-lit. The very next day the guys reached out to Darrin and before they knew it The Incurables second coming had begun. On a trip home to Michigan, Dennis contacted the guys about putting together what some would call a reunion show, so in the matter of a couple weeks the show was set and the Incurables were ready to rock. 

When they hit the stage it was like old times, a little older, a little wiser, but still incurable. After that show the guys were reminded why they started a band in the first place, for the love of music. Since that first show the guys have hit the stage running, with a new CD and some of their best live performances to date, The Incurables show no signs of slowing down. If you are lucky enough to catch them live or hear them on the radio you can't help but enjoy yourself knowing that they are not just going thru the motions or treating it as a job but honestly having fun performing and still doing it for the love of the music. Their energy is infectious and clearly incurable.

Past recognitions include Nominated for “Outstanding Indie/Alternative Rock Act” by the Detroit Music Awards. Nominated for “Outstanding Individual Group” by the Detroit Music Awards. Voted “Best Local Alterative Group” by the Michigan Community Music Awards. Voted "Bass Player of The Year" by the Michigan Community Music Awards. The Incurables have found much success sharing the stage with such bands as Billy Idol, Blues Traveler, Steppenwolf, Poison, Alice Cooper, Vince Neil, Detroit locals Bitter Sweet Ally, Adrenalin, Toby Redd, and have completed several tours of Germany and The Netherlands. 

Their latest album titled "I Don't Feel So Well" The album includes the critically acclaimed single "Detroit Steel" having been featured on the Rodney Bingenheimer show on Little Steven's Underground Garage, and the single "Down" featured on the Lord Litter Radio Show, and the list of stations adding The Incurables continue to grow each day. The band has also recently released a six pack cover song series titled “Cover that thing”, each song infused with the Incurables sound and style, and also this fall The Incurables will be heading back into the studio to work on new original material.

Though the band was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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