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Michele Rispoli its a songwriter was born in Italy. Sound Way is his stage name. He started his way in the sound of “Sound Way” when he started producing music in 2004, the first complete song was "Tonight". Michele became skilled in the use music production softwares, and so he began to experiment with new musical and artistic forms, drawn by his great creativity, also through the use of his texts and his voice. He did some productions in collaboration with some friends from his area in Italy (who heartily thanks for the fun and spontaneous creative moments spent together), but then, over the years, he made his artistic productions alone.

Michele's musical passion was born as he was a child, when he participated with his father, Dj Claudio Mozart Rispoli, in his artistic experiences within the "funky-pop" musical culture of the 80s and 90s. From that culture he then went into rock, pop and contemporary electronic music.

Michele, for years, has also experimented with new forms of online marketing, using many platforms for emerging music, independent communication and entertainment channels, so he distinguished for his talent. He created his own identity and artistic credibility, even though he has ventured into some moments of excess and bizarre digital rebellion. He remained outside the big media and the channels of the show biz, preferring the niche of the good emerging talents market, mainly because he was passionate about free direct individual contact, both with fans and with worldwide experts of this particular musical culture.
Michele has also been for many years sportsman, startupper / entrepreneur and innovator. He has lot of interests in projects, economics and experimentation with new forms of creative communications.

He fought the old political models still in use in Italy that allow the dominant authority and the political class to impose the role / work  of the individual through force, the marketing and the social manipulation of the mass media. Those models prevent the self- determination of oneself, with the effect of obtaining the standardization of incomes in those classes of people that can be easily governed because they they are scared. These individuals are obliged to are obliged to do a job they do not like, and will eventually build their families near the place of birth / residence   ready to be monitored by the authority.

Michele believes that it is necessary to create our own career path through our own creativity and attitudes, the individual must be in a position to self-determine his present and his future, therefore being happy, thus allowing true social affirmation and self-realization and therefore to appreciate and be appreciated in one's own community.

Michele has written many songs and participated in many contests for emerging music. In fact, he did not win any of the competitions in which he took part in Italy, but he certainly involved the public with a sparkling, innovative music and a show that stood out for his creativity and uniqueness.

However, his love for the English language and its artistic / musical cultures put him in a bad light with his Italian culture of origin, since he was "badly labeled" for his alleged xenophilia.

Michele is very fond of the many people who, from all over the world, have written him comments and private messages, from which an excellent quality of emerging work has been recognized. They wish for him to find his way in the sound of " Sound way ”, to become a great established artist and to live a life with the right people with whom to fully share their passions and skills. Michele in 2020 plans to spend 12 weeks in Los Angeles to immerse himself in American life.

Michele is open to carry out new ideas in any part of the world, and  if you wish you can write him and discuss about them, both to collaborate on his projects and to ask him to get involved in your creative and innovative initiatives.

For music production Michele has learned to use the program Reason very well, then he knows how to use Pro Tools and gradually other software for editing and recording music.
Notice that, currently he has made most of the songs with his small home studio, but one day he would like to have an advanced studio of his own of the best quality possible, optimal both for the realization of his own projects and for allowing others to bring out their works. Finally, Michele, Michele dreams to form a band named Sound Way and go on live tour all over the world, with his team at his side.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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