With her fusion sound, Louissa's songs are a raw and vulnterable approach to pop music

It’s the wee hours of the night In Virginia Beach. Echoing through the walls you can hear a female’s vocals playfully riff to an instrumental. At first, the words are nonsensical, but the melodies say enough alone. The singer hails by the mononym, Louissa, and she’s probably writing a new single.  

Just a few short years ago, Louissa was on an entirely different life path.  Heavily involved in the fitness industry, she regarded music more as a hobby. A life-changing experience with Lyme Disease would eventually change all of that - putting her right back on the path she began as a twelve-year-old child, a musician. 

Struggling to sometimes even get out of bed, Louissa used music to escape her reality as she slowly reclaimed her health. During her recovery from Lyme Disease, her father was diagnosed with cancer and passed shortly thereafter. Her last gift from her father was a music looper, almost as if it was meant to be a final push to the career she always dream. The shift from hobbyist to a passionate, career-minded musician had begun. 

At only eight months into her official re-ignition of her life’s passion, Louissa has no intention of stopping anytime soon. She has three singles and one feature officially released to major platforms along with others in production. The latest, “Focused (feat. Konstructakons Music)” is an upbeat pop anthem. It's an ode to the constant in one’s life during trying seasons. She wrote the song with her husband as a reflection of their experience surviving a debilitating illness and loss. This is the first single she intends to make a music video for. To her immense honor, members of Moonlight Dance Studio in Virginia Beach have been choreographing a dance to the song. 

This time in Louissa's career is experimental as she carves out her sound and musical direction.  As she evolves, she finds herself embracing a more electro-pop sound infused with elements of neo-soul and alternative.  Moving forward, Louissa is collaborating more with producers like Konstructakons Music and consequently, finding her niche. 

Her current goal is to build her repertoire to bring more to her fans through both digital and live interactions, whether it be touring or interviews.  In the past, she has performed on stages mainly covering other artist’s material; she is eager to finally bring her own songs to the stage. 

Louissa has come a long way as an artist since her days of performing around the Pittsburgh area at local events and Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s college TV show as a teenager. She appeared on a competition broadcasted on local media in Jacksonville, Florida several years ago, but life events forced her to step away from music for some time. A several year hiatus had a few national anthems such as for the East Coast Surfing Championship’s Heroes on the Sand and a military centennial reunion dinner seasoned in. Yet, she never really felt the call to focus her hobby into a career until recently. Diving head first into her artistry, she feels now is the time to push forward with her music and let her voice be heard. 

Now with a daughter in tow, Louissa's perspective as an artist has shifted since her earlier years. She finds it important to be a symbol of inspiration to listeners. Simultaneously showing her fans, no matter their age, that they can have a lot of bad happen to them and still not take life too seriously.  

Recently, Louissa was interviewed by DJ Kenny Reyes of Rookery Radio at Youngstown State University.  He recalled the first time he heard her and how it took him as a surprise because she offered “so much soul and connection” to listeners. Louissa notes that she doesn’t believe she would possess that soulfulness and vulnerability if she had not been thrown off one life path and onto another. “There is this powerful feeling you get after coming back from the darkness. You want people to feel that feeling, too. To have something to resonate with - for whatever they are experiencing. There are things music can say that speaking cannot.”

Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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