Agnese conveying her emotions to the world through her music

Everyone has a gift within them and in order to live a fulfilled life, they must be able to identify this gift and use it to add value to their lives and the lives of others and in the process, make the world a better place. Agnese Della Porta’s interest and passion for writing songs and singing began many years back when she was living in Italy. 

At this time, she was 12 years old with only a guitar to call her own. Things were hard during this time and to make matters worse, her family was not really giving her the kind of support she needed to promote her passion for songwriting and love for music. Agnese’s mum was heavy with her last-born brother during this time, but this did not stop Agnese’s mum from working hard because she had a family to provide for even though what she made was hardly sustaining them. 

This however compelled Agnese to quit the music lessons she had enrolled for, and reduced her to being a bedroom singer. All her singing would be done either at church or in the privacy of her room, as she was a very shy girl with little or no confidence to sing in front of an audience. By stating things were hard, I mean every bit of it. First, she had a low self-esteem because she was too fat for a girl her age. This made her hate herself and in many instances, she cried in secret just because she was not proud of her appearance. Secondly, there was no enabler to her music because at this time the internet, which as seen today is very crucial to the success score of any artist and especially in the music industry. This coupled with the fact that she was getting minimal support from her family made things even worse. She could not make her own record because it was very expensive and also sharing it with people was very difficult especially because of lack of internet. 

This was a very difficult and frustrating experience for her and she had no one to share it with so she made her music her safe haven. Music became her only means to exposing what she felt inside, in fact, during those low moments is when most of her lyrics were created. Another one of the things that really put her down was her voice. She did not like it at all and this made her room the best place for her to sing because then there was no one to make her feel shy, ashamed or criticize her at all. Again, her room was her safe haven. Doubting her voice made her skeptical about singing in front of her friends or even in public. In fact even singing in church was not a very easy thing to do. However, it happened that her best friend started singing with her and this became the inception of a lasting and unbreakable bond forged by their similar love for music and songwriting. They wrote songs and even sung together. In as much as this improved her confidence, it did not provide a solution to the financial limitations, neither did it provide the exposure they needed such as auditions. Their passion and talent was still crippled. 

When Agnese’s best friend later got herself a boyfriend, they parted ways and each of them continued their lives separately. At this time, Agnese was just 21 when she decided to move to London in search for greener pastures. Agnese was only 21 when she came to London and indeed, it provided greener pastures because all her dreams and aspirations began to work out one after the other. First, she began to lose weight, something that she had been battling with for so long. This made her learn to appreciate herself more. It has been 7 years now, and Agnese is thankful for the amazing experiences all of which have made her grow to become the person she is now. 

Agnese’s time in London gave her the opportunity to interact and share in different cultures including black people, one of whom ended up being her husband. Agnese took up travelling around the world as a hobby, a move that has made her appreciate the beauty in people and the fact that people are all connected in one way or the other even without their knowledge. This interaction also made her open up to different music genres including RnB and inspired her to pick up her songwriting habits from where she had left off. Throughout Agnese’s life journey, she has come to learn that everyone has their own special gift and they should strive to find out what their gift is. 

For Agnese, it is music. Through music, Agnese is able to tap into her inner self and create a melody that draws from her own feelings. It does not require school or training because an individual’s gift lies inside them so all they have to do is find it and bring it out. Agnese believes that her calling in life is to spread love and do it through music and maybe that way she can help people find themselves through her music. For this reason, Agnese will always convey her emotions to the world through her music and in doing so, help her audience become the best versions of themselves.
Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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