Lourdes Capall: Young and beautiful woman the great promise of the entertainment world.

Lourdes Capall was born in Mexico City on December 22th, 1994. Actress, Singer, Director and an incredible writer. She was an excellent student and when She finished the High school (Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Querétaro), She started to study Acting and Directing for film and Theater in Casa Azul, Argos Tv, and some intensive workshops with the great film director Luis Mandoki. Some months later, She directed her first music video 'The Game Is Over', and composed her music Album 'Extinction'. The same year, 2014, She published her science fiction book titled 'Reencarnación'. On September, 2014 She produced her second music video 'Extinction (Lyric Video)'.  Now She's writing an incredible story for a saga, titled 'Crystalia'.
Lets check out some Q&A talk time with her:
What do you like most about the entertainment industry? 
» Absolutely everything. Truly, everything that makes up this industry goes hand in hand with art. A film needs its writers, a song to its composers, both together make magic. 

Why is someone with such great potential not yet universally recognized? 
» Thank you! I do not know! I consider that everything arrives at its time, and I love my work, I love writing, singing, composing and acting, all this is my life, but whatever comes, I like to prepare myself day by day.

Do you consider yourself a warrior? 
» Clear! I must be if I want to dream big, I believe that even if I lose many battles, I mean opportunities, I must stay firm and persevere for what I love. 

What inspires you to compose?  
» Everything ,the people, my life, some books... Tell us, 

What studies are behind a great woman? 
» I studied direction and acting for cinema, later music and business in the university. I have taken a diploma in law and philosophy. But I always try to keep updating and practicing what I have learned. 

The cinema or the music? 
» BOTH!! Jajaja...
She was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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